Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday morning round up...

And here I am, three months later, posting my thoughts and opinions again. Did anyone miss me? :) Today's round up will be just a brief highlight of my world in the last three months and a couple additional thoughts.

1. My best and prettiest news: little granddaughter, Paisley Lace Taylor, was born on April 2 to my oldest son, Jeremy, and his fiance, Heidi. Absolutely gorgeous...complete with a head full of dark, wild hair. And she looks like her daddy. :)

2. I'm now entering the last year toward completion of my two-year Associates Degree...exactly 23 years after I took the first course (when Jeremy was just 5). I took a long break in there somewhere to raise a family, and to venture into a new life, but am now well on my way to the finish line. I won't be stopping with the Associates, though....which leads me to round up item #3.

3. After struggling to identify a bachelors degree that matched my career/business goals, I'm quite pleased to have found the answer: Miami's new BIS (Bachelor of Integrative Studies) degree. The degree requires a major in two disciplines (hence "integrative") and allowed me to design my own major. After much research, my two major concentrations will be: A) Strategic and Marketing Communications and B) Business and Technical Writing. I'm psyched.

4. I've become a runner. Oh, not the marathon type, but the just the 5K type. I've completed two 5K runs (one at Cincinnati's Pig Marathon events in May - a blast!) and have another one on June 26h. The goal is to run a 5K each month, and I'm training to run a 10K in the fall. I have to admit, this one even surprised ME! :)

5. In May, Glen and I spent a wonderful, warm, relaxing vacation in the Cayman Islands. We stayed at a resort on the East End of the island, the quieter and less traveled end. It was aboslutely every way. It was tough to come back to the real world.

5. Our summer vacation plans include a trip to Montreal for the wedding of Glen's niece...and to spend time with his brothers and their families (who are wonderful, funny people!). Can hardly wait!

And now...till next time...hope everyone has a wonderful summer.