Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Getting ready for the new year...

Aww, another new year, another set of resolutions and best intentions. I'm no exception and as I review last year's list, I didn't do too badly.
  • I'm healthier, although I need to get back to a disciplined exercise and running routine.
  • I have been writing more, perhaps not here on the blog (sorry!), but I have been forging ahead and writing as much as possible. More about that later. :)
  • I've gotten more organized...and that is an ever-moving target!
I didn't finish my two-year degree in December, though, and it will be May before I do. I will earn an Associate's Degree in Business Management on the same day that my 25-year-old daughter, Ryan, gets her Bachelor's in Education. We are both excited about that. I won't be done with my education, however, but will be continuing on for my Bachelor's in Integrated Studies. It's very nice to have all my liberal education requirements out of the way and to know that the rest of the classes I take will be for my major--classes I actually want to take. I'm psyched!

So, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday be it Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or something else....and that the new year brings fun, good health, and wonderment to you and yours.