Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday morning round up...on Tuesday

Here's the Sunday morning round up....a bit late, but still insightful. Or maybe not.

1. The Inauguration - what can I say? It was a monumental day for America...one to be proud of and to reflect on. I wish our new president well and hope he can accomplish all the things he has promised and the goals he has set for himself and our country. President Obama and his family are heartwarming in their love and devotion to each other. I like that. He's also incredibly articulate and a joy to listen to. I like that too.
2. The Inauguration - what can I also say? It was embarrassingly, astronomically, uncomfortably expensive. At a time when the country is toppling ever deeper into a recession, good folks are losing their homes and their jobs, and families are struggling to afford groceries, heat, and basic living expenses, spending $175 million on a "ceremony" seems self-serving and irresponsible at best, and incredibly selfish and short-sighted at worst. While the reason for the event is inspiring and heartening, the resulting budget for it is not. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
3. The Inauguration - what else can I say? I hope our new president is able to live up to the adulation, hero-worship, and incredibly high expectations being thrust upon him. He's only a man. A man whose biggest, perhaps only, noteworthy accomplishment so far was simply winning the election. Not a large and distinguished resume for the most important job in the country. And the thought of him learning the ropes on the job leaves me with yet another bad taste in my mouth. But I'm optimistic and hopeful.

That's it for today. Since it seems the inauguration and our new president is the only topic the media seems capable of discussing these days, I'm going to ride their coattails and write about nothing else as well.

So there.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday morning round up...

Well I'm back to Sunday morning round ups--where I comment on things happening this week in my own life or also outside of it. Just because I can.

1. Hubby and I are considering the purchase of another home--a place I have loved for years that has just come onto the market. We're undecided as the new house would be a larger mortgage (although completely within our limits) and we will not have sold our house before purchasing it. Scary...especially in today's housing market. It's made me realize, though, how lucky we are to be secure in our jobs right now...to even be considering having two mortgages at one time while others are worried about paying the one they have. We are very lucky indeed.
2. What in the heck is up with the Illinois Governor? I have to admit that it appears he was doing some unethical, unsavory finagling to fill the state's open Senate seat, but he's not actually been convicted of anything yet. How can he be impeached? And, I would bet this wheeling and dealing for seats, support, earmarks, and perks in the world of politics is a lot more widespread than we know or would like. Ever hear about glass houses or throwing the first stone?
3. I offer my deepest sympathy and prayers to the John Travolta family. I can't imagine the loss of a child. I simply can't. And please, media, leave the family alone. Just leave them alone.
4. There's always, always, someone that is worse off than you are. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and whining about it. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps, be determined to improve your situation, do what needs to be done, and make yourself and your life better. Or shut up about it!

That's it for now. Happy Jan 11 everyone!

Friday, January 2, 2009

A new year...the same me

Well, I've committed to a couple of resolutions for the New Year and yes, I do realize the odds are against me. But like millions of Americans, today I am optimistic and determined. I am committed and enthusiastic. I am woman, by golly! OK, perhaps I'll succeed at only a couple and completely change my mind on a couple more. Today, I refuse to allow naysayers and skeptics to dissuade me or convince me that I'm going to fail before I even start. So there!Take that!

Now that I have that off my chest, here are a few of my resolutions, actually goals, for 2009:
1. Get healthy. Yes this will mean losing a few pounds and eating right, but more importantly it means getting back to a regular exercise routine. (Actually I cheated and started part of this goal in Nov, so I'm already on my way to accomplishing this one!)
2. Write more. Here and elsewhere. This will mean, hopefully, submitting some of my best work, but more importantly it means developing a regular habit of writing. Period.
3. Develop a family financial plan. The national economy is in the tank and though we are doing just fine, we do need to aggressively plan for the future...for our retirement. This will mean saving more and making smart investments. Sounds fun, huh?
4. Complete my Associates degree by December. This is a tough one, and it may be the one that doesn't make it. Right now, though, that's the plan. I won't be stopping at an Associate's, of course, but it'll feel really good to get to that milestone.
5. Organize, organize, organize. Here and at work. Organize. 'Nuff said.

OK that's enough, don't you think? So, if you're reading this and you're still considering a resolution or two, go for it! What do you have to lose? Happy New Year!!