Sunday, February 15, 2009

Infinite Ways to Wellness

It seems that every person I know...both in my professional and personal incredily stressed, super busy, exhausted, and pushed to the limit. While all the magazines and professionals tell us to slow down, relax, and take care of ourselves, we continue to forge ahead at break-neck speed and with break-back loads. But what's a person to do when life is coming at them from every direction? An economic crisis hangs over our heads. Work and family responsibilities increase. Stresses mount. And there simply aren't enough hours in the day any more. Well I've recently joined a program via my employer's Health and Well-Being (HWB) initiative titled "Infinite Ways to Wellness" which encourages participants to focus on improving six key areas of personal wellness: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, Occupational and Social. I've just started the program, and thus my weekly log of activities.

It's interesting (and quite an eye opener) to realize just how much (or how little) I do for my own wellness in some of those areas. The program asks us to list what we do each week for our emotional wellness? physical wellness? social or intellectual wellness? As a part-time student, my coursework each week helps me to work on my intellectual health . And I'm also (through the same group) training to run/walk a 5K marathon in April so that motivates me to work on my physical health. But what about the others? The HWB group has provided lots of examples of things we can do under each category and they've encouraged us to come up with our own. The ultimate goal at the end of the12-week program, of course, is a more well-balanced, healthy (and happy) life. And I'm all for that. Aren't we all? I'll keep you posted as to how it goes. But for now, let's just say that I need to work on my emotional, occupational, social, and spiritual wellness.

So, take time to think about what you can do each day this week for your own personal wellness. How about a 10-minute stroll, or perhaps it's 10 minutes to yourself for quiet reflection, or maybe it's 10 minutes listening to your favorite blues songs? Whatever it is, try to shoot for 10 minutes each day...ok maybe just 5 minutes to start out...of your own personal wellness time. And fill that time with something you really enjoy. Good luck!

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