Monday, February 22, 2010

What's up with Canadians and their hockey obsession...

First, I should disclose that I'm married to a Canadian, have two beautiful Canadian step-daughters, and a group of wonderful, warm, funny friends and in-law family members up north that I often wish I lived much closer to. But I have to admit...when it comes to hockey, these people are crazy.

Not the just the quirky, funny weird crazy, but the rambling, ranting, raging, one-small-step-from-a-straight-jacket crazy. The I-would-give-up-my-home-for-MapleLeafs-tickets crazy. Have mercy! During yesterday's olympic hockey game between the USA and Canadian, I had a feeling things were going to get ugly. I was outnumbered in my house with both hubby and step-daughter rooting on their home team. I feared for my life.

To say Canadians love their hockey is like saying a bear *poops* in the woods. More appropriately it's like saying a MOOSE *poops* in the woods. It's a monumental understatement--a statement so obvious in truth that it's a waste of breath to even utter it. They don't just love their hockey....they breath it, live it, would trade their firstborn for it.

Don't get me wrong. I'm also a big hockey fan (it was a requirement for the marriage!). It's an exciting sport, and working at a university which boasts one of the best NCAA collegiate hockey teams in the country (GO REDHAWKS!!), you can't help but catch the hockey fever. But I draw the line at naming my pets--or kids--Gretzky or Gordie.

And now back to last night's hockey game. The USA's 5-3 win over the Canadian team was a blow to all Canadians. Our good ol' U. S. of A couldn't be more out of favor with our neighbors to the north if we had beaten all their children, slept with their spouses, and insulted all their mothers. Canadians are wounded, bitter, grumpy, and stunned. And they are now out for blood. With their entire countrymen/women behind them, the Canadian hockey team will likely make mincemeat out of their opponents in the next few olympic games.

Then it will likely come down to the USA and Canada in the final game for the gold. I hope it does. What an exciting game that will be. The two best teams going at it again. YeeeHaww! Go USA!! But if USA wins again...wish me luck. It may just get mean and nasty around my house.

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