Friday, January 15, 2010

Devastation, heartbreak, and hope...

As we all have witnessed via the news reports, the earthquake in Haiti has caused heartbreaking devastation and ruin. There are injuries and death in numbers that are difficult to comprehend. The quake collapsed buildings, infrastructures, homes, and lives. The damage is astronimical, unfathomable, unthinkable. The profound sadness, loss, and desperation of the Haitian people are difficult to watch. I cry watching the clips of those who have lost loved ones and those who are desperately trying to find them. I weep uncontrollably at the stories of mothers losing children, because no matter how hard I try, I just can't imagine the anguish,the pain, and the heartbreak they are going through. I ache for the people who, through no fault or action of their own (and but by the Grace of God go we), have been dealt this cruel and vicious hand of fate.

And then there appears on the screen a shot of rescuers pulling a small, wimpering child from the rubble; and the story of a man who for 24 hours dug his wife out of the rubble with his own, now-bloody and bruised hands; and the joyful reunion of family members as they find each other or learn that a loved one is alive. And I watch the images of the brave men and women who are painstakenly working the recovery grids, the search teams meticulously hunting for life, and the miracle dogs who can sniff out or hear even the smallest signs of life in such a rotten, ugly, hell-hole. And I am enthused. Just a little. I watch the U.S. (and other countries') armed forces, medical personnel, and innumerable volunteers and missionaries who have traveled--at breakneck speed--to assist in any way they can. And I am proud. There is still such a long way to go...and much more heartache to suffer, but there are some good things happening there and around the world as we all, regardless of our heritage or beliefs, rally to assist this defenseless and humbled country.

So, don't just sit there, do something. Donate money to the Red Cross or another legitimate assistance organization. Send a care package via UPS (they are sending packages up to 30 lbs at no cost). Pray. And let's all hope that each day, regardless of what the day holds, brings Haiti closer and closer to recovery.

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