Saturday, January 2, 2010

I don't like really cold weather...

I don't. I really don't. And the older I get, the less I like it or feel the need to tolerate it.

Hubby and I are in Canada visiting friends and family. We're having a wonderful time, but it's cold up here. Very cold. Current temp is a bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, for-the-love-of-God-someone-get-me-some-longjohns 5 degrees (farenheit not celsius!) with a corrected wind chill temp of -14. And it's still dropping.

Have mercy. And these crazy Canucks are out skiing, snowmobiling, snow-shoeing and acting all normal about it. For heavens's cold outside, people. Take you butts inside, start a fire, cuddle up with someone!

Well....other than the freezing temps and frollicking warm-blooded (yet still ass-freezing)natives, Ontario Canada is a beautiful winter wonderland at the moment. Friends and family are doing well and we're having nothing but fun. Hubby and I are now all snuggled up, warm and cozy, inside looking out. The weather folks are predicting that tomorrow will be another cold, blistery day.

I can hardly wait.

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