Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A mother's melting heart...

Hubby and I visited my oldest son and his family this week. My son and his baby daughter were the only ones home when we arrived. I walked in to find my son in a recliner holding--no, more accurately cuddling--my sleeping granddaughter. I couldn't help but smile and my heart filled with love.

There's something about watching your own child become the parent you always knew he or she could be..the kind of parent that you are proud to have produced or in some small part have played a role in. I have watched both my son and my daughter with their children and they both make me so proud. I am so thankful that they are such wonderful, loving, patient parents to my precious grandchildren.

As I watched my son gently and lovingly gazing down at my granddaughter cuddled against his chest, I fondly remembered what he must be feeling at that very moment. That almost overwhelming, heart-melting, wave of indescribable love that fills not only your heart but your entire being, washing through your mind and body making you weak from the strength and power of it. I remember that feeling. I remember it well. As life gets busy and your children grow into adults, you still love them just as much, you still would give your life for each one of them, you still would want to murder anyone who harms them....but those moments of heart-stopping, heart-melting waves of love become fewer and further between. And you miss them.

But, then you see your grown-up child lovingly protecting and holding his own child while she sleeps peacefully...and that feeling comes flooding back making you weak at the knees. It's still there.

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