Sunday, February 10, 2008

Not enough time in the day....

Ok, I'm ready to admit it. Providing my writing the time it needs and deserves is going to be challenging. With a full-time job (and then some), taking a Formal Logic and Reasoning course (did I mention I haven't had any math or reasoning since high school?), keeping up the house (the laundry does not do itself!), and spending time with my family (yes, they also want a piece of me every once in a while), it's difficult to put together the blocks of quality time I need to write, to research, and to read. I'm not whining. I'm simply stating what has now become clear to me and in so doing, hoping it will not dampen my enthusiasm for and excitement about writing but instead will urge me to have patience and persistence instead.

Now that I have that off my chest, though, I would like to tell you what I have accomplished during the past couple of weeks. Writing may not be happening at the speed of light around here, but it is happening. I've submitted a poem to a university literary journal and will be submitting a short story to them this week as well. I've polished a short story written for my fall creative writing class to submit to a short story contest sponsored by our local big-city newspaper. I've revised two flash fiction pieces and will be researching some online literary journals for submission of those, and I've written another poem.

So, I am making headway albeit slowly. More importantly, I'm having fun and learning an awful lot about writing and writers. In the meantime, my job is secure, I received an "A" on my first exam in the logic course, my laundry is caught up, and my hubby still wants a piece of me. :) I'd far, so good.

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