Sunday, June 15, 2008

Don't tell me how to vote...

I was reading the Cincinnati Enquirer this morning, catching up on the news of the recently-completely minicamp for my beloved Bengals. The Chad Johnson saga continues, but the rest of the team seems to be working hard and pulling their weight. One part of the article, though, quite irritated me. At the end of Coach Marvin Lewis's press conference, as he was leaving, instead of answering parting questions, Coach Lewis instructed the crowd to "Vote for [Barack] Obama."

Hmmm. Well now. What do you know? It's June and Coach Lewis is worried that I may not be intelligent or informed enough to make up my own mind about which candidate I should support come November. Isn't that nice? With all that Marvin Lewis has to worry about....i.e. spoiled, loud-mouthed players who don't want to play, players who gain notoriety not for their playing ability but for their embarrassing legal troubles, first-round draft picks who get suspended for a continual inability to pass a drug test, and coaching just one winning season out of his 5 as head boggles the mind that he has the time, not to be mention the audacity, to tell me how to cast my ballot.

Well here's a message to Coach Lewis. Stick to what you know best, sir. You seem to have enough on your plate without worrying about my vote. If it's all the same to you, I'll make my own decision about who to support this fall. Thanks anyway.

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