Sunday, July 6, 2008

A day to be lazy....

As if I needed an excuse, I'm still going to offer one. It's hot outside today...steamy hot. Like sticking-your-head-over-a-boiling-kettle hot. So I'd just as soon stay inside today and take it easy. Real easy. As in frozen-pizza-and-french-fries for dinner easy.

In addition to the three-day weekend that the 4th holiday provided, I worked from home on Thursday which allowed me to sleep in a little, and mosey around when I got tired of sitting at the desk. But it's been a busy few days so today I'm happily doing next to nothing.

Friday, I helped my daughter clean and put things away in her new apartment. It's a cute place, and she and my little grandson (the cutest kid on earth) will be comfortable there. The problem is that she and I have very different concepts of "clean" and "put away," and yes, I can admit it, I'm kinda anal about it. But we muddled through, and her apartment looks cute. And the two of them look very happy in it. And that's what really matters anyway, right?

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