Sunday, August 3, 2008

Vacation was great but...

Well, we just finished a two-week vacation. Actually one week's vacation to hubby's family's cottage on Crow Lake in Ontario, and one week with his girls and two of their friends here at our house. I worked most of this past week, though, but still took some time off while they were here. And through it all, here's what I learned...
1. One week away is never enough (six would be more like it).
2. One week away is too much if you use the pile of work that backed up at your office while you were away as the gauge (thankfully, I don't)
3. Four teenage girls eat just as much or more than 4 teenage boys (and I have the empty cabinets andtwo week's worth of grocery receipts to prove it!)
4. Ontario, Canada lake country has BUGS, lots of them (and they bite. hard.)
5. Bugs or no bugs, vacationing on a lake in Canada is hard to beat (and the bugs can be controlled).
6. No matter how hard you try, you cannot diet while on vacation. (ok. I really didn't try very hard. But still...)
7. Watching a child cliff diving from a 50-60 ft cliff doesn't get any easier even when that "child" is almost 22. (I told him to get his butt down from there, but he wouldn't listen. I was not surprised.)
8. Spending time with family is one the most important things you can do. (and enjoying it makes it so much easier)
9. Teens are interesting to talk to (and heavens to Betsy, you never know what they're going to say next)
10. The house gets eerily and sadly quiet once they are gone again. (normally, I love quiet. Today it just seems too quiet.)

And that's it for now. The season finale of HGTV's Design Star is coming up, and I simply can't miss it. Hope you all had good vacations this summer, or will have a good one soon. They are worth every minute.

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