Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday morning round up...on Tuesday

Here's the Sunday morning round up....a bit late, but still insightful. Or maybe not.

1. The Inauguration - what can I say? It was a monumental day for America...one to be proud of and to reflect on. I wish our new president well and hope he can accomplish all the things he has promised and the goals he has set for himself and our country. President Obama and his family are heartwarming in their love and devotion to each other. I like that. He's also incredibly articulate and a joy to listen to. I like that too.
2. The Inauguration - what can I also say? It was embarrassingly, astronomically, uncomfortably expensive. At a time when the country is toppling ever deeper into a recession, good folks are losing their homes and their jobs, and families are struggling to afford groceries, heat, and basic living expenses, spending $175 million on a "ceremony" seems self-serving and irresponsible at best, and incredibly selfish and short-sighted at worst. While the reason for the event is inspiring and heartening, the resulting budget for it is not. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
3. The Inauguration - what else can I say? I hope our new president is able to live up to the adulation, hero-worship, and incredibly high expectations being thrust upon him. He's only a man. A man whose biggest, perhaps only, noteworthy accomplishment so far was simply winning the election. Not a large and distinguished resume for the most important job in the country. And the thought of him learning the ropes on the job leaves me with yet another bad taste in my mouth. But I'm optimistic and hopeful.

That's it for today. Since it seems the inauguration and our new president is the only topic the media seems capable of discussing these days, I'm going to ride their coattails and write about nothing else as well.

So there.

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